Color has deep roots in our emotional and psychological reactions to some things in life.  Companies have done extensive studies to invoke a specific feeling or action from a customer.  The simplest things, like natural color baby loafers, can have hundreds of hours of research behind them so as to understand the reasons why parents would buy them or how best to market them to families.


Red = Energy

One of the most utilized colors in marketing campaigns and commercials, especially to grab the attention of potential buyers is red.  Experts associate this color not only with energy, but other emotions such as excitement, love and warning. 

Maybe you haven’t taken the time to really analyze how you feel when you see a commercial with red flashes through it.  Sometimes the point of commercials and ads is not to have you focused on a single thing, but to stimulate your brain into liking their product, needing their services or calling to mind a particular great memory.  Red has the ability to do this quite effectively.


Orange = Creativity

As orange is a derivative of red, there are some related characteristics that are somewhat related.  You will see orange when someone is trying to show optimism, fun and draw in attention. 

Not a lot of people use this color for a focus or main color when making clothing, some of this was learned from back in the 1970’s with all the bright and strong colors that were used and it was discovered that even though a large group of people wore those colors, there were more that stayed away from them, and caused problems for manufacturers that were trying to produce what people wanted, but there was a huge gap between mainstream and the rest of the purchasing public. 


Yellow = Happiness

It doesn’t take a genius to think back to those pictures we drew in elementary school where the sun was smiling and made completely out of a bright yellow crayon.  Even now, we have our emojis that are a cheerful color of yellow with all those funny smiling faces on them.  Yellow, with its intenseness helps people to feel positive, energized and overall enthusiastic when seeing the color.

Yellow is sometimes linked with youth and the opportunities of childhood, too.  We dress our little girls in yellows, especially in springtime to signify new life and the vibrance as we’ve just come out of the long winter months with its more muted and earth-toned colors.


Green = Reliability

There are many feelings that green can invoke; many people associate green with nature and the environment, others with money and movement.  Whatever the can may be, green seems to have a fresh outlook on life and makes us encourages us to go. 

Green is sort of a contradiction in thought because there is a sense of action, but also one of relaxation, such as a summer’s day or laying in a field of grass.  There isn’t anything wrong with either idea, you just have to be careful in how you are presenting the color and understand that people might read the color differently.


Blue = Security

If you look at a lot of advertising, especially when it comes to a shield or relaying trust, you will come across blue quite often.  Business have been known to utilize blue as a base color in rooms, paintings or large accents to bring calmness to people visiting. 

It probably isn’t a surprise that around the world, blue is the most common favorite color.  It also shouldn’t be a surprise that blue is associated with characteristics such as loyalty, security and order. 


Purple/Violet = Inspiration

If you are like me, you learned in basic art classes that purple was almost always associated with royalty and was one of the most difficult color to dye clothing into.  There are many other qualities that come forward when thinking about purple, things like spirituality, compassion and even psychic abilities.

If you see a pattern of very deep personal feelings associated with this, you would be correct.  There is something very inspirational and emotionally based when it comes to the colors purple and violet.


Brown/Tan = Stability

Brown is one of those colors that we associate with desert and being down to earth.  Many clothes utilize brown or the many shades of it in clothing due to the fact that it is easy to blend the different shades and still look quite fashionable.  Unlike many of the other colors, if you try to put a light green and dark green together, you can come off looking a little ridiculous. 

When brown is used in commercial uses, you see it referring to more common folks, basic lifestyles, and no non-sense way of thinking.  Basically, think about not thinking too hard about things, just taking them at face value.


Black = Power

You won’t usually see black as a foundational color but an accent color to bring forward other colors.  It is most interesting if you go to a website that has the black background and white text, you are almost taken aback by it and need time to adjust.  Sometimes you never fully adjust to its differences, and this can create a sense of mystery or hiddenness. 

Black tends to be connected more with adults and grown up products over those of children.  This plays into the power aspect and moves much away from the innocent or playful behavior of a child.


White = Purity

This is probably the least surprising of all the colors, or in art the lack of all color.  White has been linked with weddings and the want for especially a bride to be pure and untouched.  Most moms would also tell you never to put a baby in white or wear white pants for a special occasion because they know how hard it is to keep clean or to get clean once it has been stained.

Not only is white the opposite of black, but it also represents the opposite of black in that it is the essence of not hiding anything and not seeking after a position of power. 

All information listed above can be located here.  And, when you are seeking for those natural colored baby loafers, you will understand why you are out shopping for them for either your young son or daughter.